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Next Level Institute offers new approaches, fresh perspectives, and innovative methodologies all available in one place, accessible at any time, in an engaging format. Through the comprehensive suite of web-based video-training Plans, Courses, plus our newly developed Facilitated web-based programs, Next Level Institute provides an effective blueprint for operating at peak performance for people who want to be a recruiters, recruiters, search firm owners and corporate recruitment professionals.  We also provide customized workshops tailored to the specific training needs of individual clients.  All our workshops are supported by interactive online programs.  

Please feel free to browse our site in order to select the appropriate Programs for your particular training requirements or contact us for a discussion.

Want to Be a Recruiter

Have you thought about being a recruiter?  Our wonderful profession is unique. Great recruiters both have a major impact on the world and earn superior financial returns.  Many recruiters love their jobs because they have freedom to be creative and build a world around them — a world of career-minded, driven, well rewarded, and competitive professionals.  While some people fail to be recruiters at the first year, if you have or are able to develop decent sales skills, have been well trained and are willing to put the hard work in, you will be rewarded for your efforts. The path is clear, and we can show you it. All that's left for you to do is to walk it!

Although many people have tried their hands at recruitment at some stage in their career, many had stumbled upon recruitment by accident or were tempted by the gold, fame and glory.  While these rewards are avilable for those who "make it", there are many pitfalls along the way.  To minimize your chance to make the wrong decision, please take a look of our free video "Want to be a recruiter?"   If you still commited to move forward after you watched our video, we recommend you to take our online Integrated Recruiting Training Course or our Facilitated Intergrated Recruiting Training Course. These courses will give you superb instructions in the foundational practices of recruitment, and start you off in your career on the right foot with proper grounding in relevant sales and execution skills.  They will shorten your learning curve to becoming a successful recruiter.



Whether you are a new or a tenured recruitment professional, our carefully designed Online and Facilitated Courses will support you to improve your performance tremendously and raise your professionalism to the next level.   The most popular courses include, but not limited to, Integrated Recruiting Training, Client Development, Candidate Sourcing and Management, Advanced Sales Skills, etc.  Our Facilitated Programs are designed for those who want high touch involvement from our team in the delivery of those courses.  These 8 week programs will benefit you by its multiple methods of learning, personalized support, easily schedule and no travel required.

You also can subscribe to our Plans in order to explore our comprehensive Library and TV Episodes and learn from the insight of over 100 Trainers and Big Billers.


Search Firm Owners and Managers

As a search firm owner or manager, it is important to define your niche market, understand best practices, and set up proper performance measurement systems and training platforms.  NLI can support you on any of these, to improve your management, speed up your new hires and further develop your tenured recruiters either through online, face to face or desk level coaching programs.  As an example, the completely cohesive Integrated Recruiting Training Course is any manager's solution to quickly ramp up new hires or revamp seasoned producers and to cover each step of the placement process in easy to process bites, complete with quizzes for self-evaluation and workbooks for refection.   Please feel free to browse our Subscription Plans, Courses and Facilitated Programs.